What does your Neck have to do with FOCUS?

Back with one more Nervous System Regulation flow for FOCUS 👀 and Spinal/Trunk Stability!This week’s video INcludes moves to nourish & INtegrate the Symmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex, which is key IN supporting attention, focus, and the...

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Transform your Focus IN just 4 minutes a day!

Here to Zoom IN a bit more on the mind+body connection of FOCUS!!IN the video above I'm sharing a move using the Bodhi suspension system (works with TRX too) and also an equipment free one with just a mat!Both are great...

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Are your Knees Locked? Here’s why it Matters!

Hi there! Did you know that locked knees🦵 often indicate that you are IN survival mode (fight, flight, freeze)😐? It's very likely tied to an unINtegrated tendon-guard reflex. The move IN this video is actually a quick assessment for the...

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