With the holiday weekend upon us,  if you’re anything like me, you’re excited to spend some quality time in the garden or tackling those outdoor DIY yard projects.

Do you love the feeling of your hands in the dirt👐 but dread the stiffness and soreness that comes afterward?

Does the idea of a weekend outdoor project sound exciting, yet leave you worrying about how your body will hold up😔?

You’re not alone.

Many of us experience the discomfort that comes with placing new demands on our body + mind IN gardening/yardwork SEASON!!!

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of seeing your outdoor vision come to life!!  But let’s be honest—your body doesn’t always feel the same excitement, right?

Those Home Depot commercials make it seem like we can conquer the entire yard in a long weekend, but it’s important to P.A.C.E. (see what I did there?) ourselves, prep our bodies (and minds) and recalibrate after a long day IN the yard.

I’ve got just the thing for you!

The video above is packed with exercises designed to support your spine and nervous system. By incorporating these developmental movements and isometric exercises, you can fortify your body before you start and help it recalibrate afterward.

Imagine finishing your gardening or DIY projects and waking up the next day feeling great! By adding these exercises to your routine, you’ll be ready to enJOY every moment of your weekend activities.

Keep Moving & Integrating,


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